Peters’ Epauletted Bats


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Peters’ Epauletted Bats

Peters’ Epauletted Fruit Bats are a common species in parts of the southern African subregion.

The males are considerably larger than the females .  Adult males measure about 15cm in total length and with a mass of between 105g and 140g.  Females have an approximate length of 12cm and a mass of 76g.

The colour of the body is very variable and although the upper parts are a brownish-buff, they may be pale buff or even off-white in colour.  The under parts are lighter in colour and the males have a collar of russet brown hair.

Both sexes have a white patch at the base of their funnel-shaped ears.  Only males have the white epauletts on the shoulders.  These are sunken glandular pouches in the skin covered with white hairs.  When under stress, when vocalising or under sexual stimulus, these pouches are everted, and the long white hair (which may be 9mm long) forms the conspicuous rosettes.


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