Cape clapper lark

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Cape clapper lark

This lark is a 15 cm long bird, with a brown crown, rich rufous underparts, and a strong bill. Cape Clapper Lark has grey upperparts and a grey face. Eastern Clapper Lark has brown upperparts (greyer in the north of its range), and Agulhas Clapper Lark has dark brown upperparts, although individual variation means that it cannot always be reliably distinguished from the nominate race.

The display commences with an ascending flight with wing flapping. Eastern Clapper Lark then parachutes down with trailing legs. Its call is an ascending pooooeeeee. Cape Clapper Lark has a slower wing clap, and its otherwise similar call is longer and rises in pitch more. Agulhas Clapper Lark has a fast wing clap, and a descending double whistled peeeooo call.

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